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    Jamaica Inn

    Starts Mon, 23rd Jul at 10pm UAE

    Mary comes to live with her aunt and uncle at ‘Jamaica Inn’ after her mother’s death. She notices strange happenings and soon finds herself caught in a web of crime.

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    The Americans S5

    Starts Fri, 27th Jul at 10pm UAE

    Philip and Elizabeth, KGB spies living as Americans, take on new assignments and struggle to contain the growing proximity of their daughter Paige to Mathew, son of FBI Agent Stan.

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    The Mick S1

    Every Sun at 10pm UAE

    Mackenzie “Mickey”, a hard-living woman, becomes at unwilling guardian to her spoilt and brattish niece and nephews after their billionaire parents flee the country to avoid criminal persecution.

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    Battleground S1

    Every Tue at 10pm UAE

    Behind every election campaign is great campaign staff! As the race heats up, Chris, the campaign manager, has his hands full with corrupt politicians and staff infighting.


Saturday June 16 , 2018 UAE Timing
The Walking Dead: Episode 3 12:00am
Outcast: All Alone Now 12:45am
Outcast: A Wrath Unseen 1:30am
Legion: Episode 8 2:25am
House Of Cards: Episode 3 3:10am
House Of Cards: Episode 4 4:00am
Outcast: All Alone Now 4:35am
Sleepy Hollow: The Art Of War 5:20am
New Girl: The Apartment 6:05am
New Girl: D-day 6:25am
The Bridge: Episode 9 6:50am
The Simpsons: Lisa The Drama Queen 7:35am
The Simpsons: Take My Life, Please 8:00am
The Walking Dead: Episode 2 8:30am
The Walking Dead: Episode 3 9:15am
The Mick: Episode 1 10:05am
The Mick: Episode 2 10:30am
The Americans: Persona Non Grata 10:55am
The Returned: Camille 11:30am
The Crazy Ones: Zach Mitzvah 12:20pm
The Crazy Ones: Heavy Meddling 12:45pm
Outcast: All Alone Now 1:15pm
Sleepy Hollow: The Art Of War 2:05pm
New Girl: The Apartment 2:50pm
New Girl: D-day 3:10pm
The Bridge: Episode 9 3:35pm
Legion: Episode 8 4:15pm
House Of Cards: Episode 3 5:00pm
House Of Cards: Episode 4 5:45pm
The Walking Dead: Episode 3 6:30pm
The Americans: Persona Non Grata 7:15pm
The Returned: Camille 8:05pm
The Simpsons: How The Test Was Won 8:50pm
The Mick: Episode 1 9:10pm
The Mick: Episode 2 9:35pm
This Is Us: The Best Washing Machine In The Whole World 10:00pm
This Is Us: Pilgrim Rick 10:45pm
The Simpsons: No Loan Again, Naturally 11:30pm