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    The Crazy Ones S1

    Starts Sun, 17th Dec at 10pm UAE

    Advertising genius Simon Roberts, whose unorthodox methods and unpredictable behavior would get him fired if he weren’t the boss. Simon heads a powerful agency with the biggest clients and brands in the world, but even more important to him is having his daughter Sydney working by his side.

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    This is Us S1

    Starts Mon, 18th Dec at 10pm UAE

    A refreshingly honest and provocative series following a unique ensemble whose paths cross and life stories intertwine in curious ways. THIS IS US is a smart, modern dramedy that will challenge your everyday presumptions about the people you think you know.

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    Shark S2

    Starts 18th Dec, Sun to Thu at 7:15pm UAE

    A drama that follows the professional and personal life of Sebastian Stark, a charismatic, supremely self-confident defense attorney who, after a shocking outcome in one of his cases and a personal epiphany, brings his cutthroat tactics to the prosecutor’s office.

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    New Girl S5

    Every Tue at 10pm UAE

    An ensemble comedy centering on a free-spirited young woman, her three male roommates and her female best friend, as they navigate modern relationships and form a charmingly dysfunctional – or strangely functional – family.


Sunday December 10 , 2017 UAE Timing
Terra Nova: Vs 12:00am
Scream Queens: Ghost Stories 12:45am
Enlisted: The General Inspection 1:30am
Enlisted: Army Men 1:55am
The Strain: The Silver Angel 2:20am
Low Winter Sun: Cake On The Way 3:05am
Low Winter Sun: The Way Things Are 3:45am
The Strain: Quick And Painless 4:30am
Legion: Chapter 8 5:15am
Shark: Blind Trust 6:00am
The Americans: Experimental Prototype City Of Tomorrow 6:45am
The Simpsons: Moe'n'a Lisa 7:30am
The Simpsons: Ice Cream Of Margie 8:00am
House Of Cards: Chapter 14 8:30am
Terra Nova: Vs 9:15am
Scream Queens: Ghost Stories 10:00am
Low Winter Sun: Cake On The Way 10:45am
Low Winter Sun: The Way Things Are 11:30am
Family Guy: The Big Bang Theory 12:15pm
Family Guy: Foreign Affairs 12:40pm
The Strain: Quick And Painless 1:15pm
Legion: Chapter 8 2:00pm
Shark: Blind Trust 2:45pm
The Americans: Experimental Prototype City Of Tomorrow 3:30pm
Empire: My Naked Villainy 4:15pm
Empire: Love Is A Smoke 5:00pm
The Strain: Identity 5:45pm
Wayward Pines: Where Paradise is Home 6:30pm
Shark: Backfire 7:15pm
The Americans: Chloramphenicol 8:00pm
The Simpsons: Haw-Hawked Couple 8:45pm
House Of Cards: Chapter 15 9:15pm
Enlisted: The General Inspection 10:00pm
Enlisted: Army Men 10:25pm
Family Guy: Episode Vi: It's A Trap 10:50pm
The Strain: Identity 11:15pm